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Review Running Man Episode 434 Full

Review Running Man Episode 434 Full


Guest Stars: Chung Ha, Do Yeon (Weki Meki), Kim Jong Kyu, Lee Gwan Hee, Marcus Foster, Park Chan Hee, Seung Hoon, Seung Yoon (WINNER), Yang Hee Jong, Yang Hong Seok )

Still in the latest Running Man episode, this level-up series continues until the end of the month (January 2019). Last week they formed four clans, each clan consisting of two people. Jeon So Min was paired with Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo made a clan with Ji Suk Jin, Yoo Jae Suk formed a clan with Ha Ha and Yang Se Chan was paired with Song Ji Hyo.

Last week at the end of the show, the PD asked them to remember their own clan members. Because they will ask the personal secrets of the Running Man members. The PD randomly texted all the members at the same time instructing them to turn on the camera. The PD then tells them to text a 'private secret' from their own clan.

They then began to activate the camera that had been prepared. They will be rewarded in order from the first person to summon the PD person. Yang Se Chan is confused, he doesn't know Song Ji Hyo's personal secret. In the midst of his confusion he then called Lee Kwang Soo.

Lee Kwang Soo received a call from Yang Se Chan, of course he asked about Song Ji Hyo's personal secret. The problem was that they were both different clans, Lee Kwang Soo would suffer a loss if he gave that information to someone from outside his clan.

So he deliberately delayed the time with the excuse that he would give Song Ji Hyo's sister's number to him via text message. His actions would later make Yang Se Chan suffer losses due to being late in texting the PD, making him the second from last place.

Meanwhile, Jeon So Min became the first person to make a video call to the PD and reveal the personal secret of her own clan mate, Kim Jong Kook. Jeon So Min's quick response awarded 80000 won as the first prize. Later, the money can be used to level up

They made Lee Kwang Soo sit in the middle with many microphones facing him. Many of his friends shared the good things that happened to Lee Kwang Soo. They are waiting for news directly from that person. Suddenly the atmosphere became quiet, they waited for Lee Kwang Soo to speak.

Ha Ha's sudden statement about Lee Kwang Soo's relationship broke the silence. They all applaud, celebrating the good news. Lee Kwang Soo was very slow in matters like this, this made his friends even more eager to tease him. Yoo Jae Suk, Ha Ha and Kim Jong Kook attacked him with consecutive questions.

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